Frequently Asked


Straightforward answers to common questions about what to expect at your appointment, how to prepare for your appointment, and how to care for your tattoo.

Please be sure to get a good nights rest before your tattoo appointment, and eat a decent sized meal prior to coming in. This will help you to sit better for your appointment.

I would recommend showering before your appointment, but shaving the area is not necessary, we will handle that in the shop right before you are tattooed. 

Please avoid drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks before your appointment as it may affect how you sit for your session.

Snacks are provided in the shop, but if you have specific preferences, feel free to bring your preferred snacks with you. 

If you plan to watch a show or listen to music on your phone or iPad, please bring headphones in consideration of others in the shop. 

Please dress to be comfortable, and appropriate for the area being tattooed.I recommend wearing  something that allows complete access to the part of the body that is getting tattooed meaning you or I do not need to constantly fight articles of clothing to do my job. If you have long hair and you think it may be in the way bring a hair tie and/or hair pins. Make sure your articles of clothing are clean to help prevent any possible irritation. If you are getting a foot tattoo a good choice of footwear are ballet flats or loose-fitting slippers.

One person may accompany you to your appointment. Anyone accompanying you must be over the age of 18.

As mentioned during the online consultation process, designs will only be shown to you on the day of your appointment. I do require creative freedom, and some trust is involved in regards to the process of creating your design. I spend a lot of time creating each design, and this process cannot be rushed.

You will be given basic supplies to care for your tattoo when you leave your appointment. This includes a second bandage to change after 24 hours, and a tin of Ohana Organics Tattoo Butter. I use this product during the tattoo, and recommend it as aftercare as well. 

If you like the product, and would like to purchase it for future use, you can find it

I recommend using an antibacterial soap free of artificial fragrances, such as Dr.Bronners Castile Soap or Dial antibacterial Soap. 

As an alternative to Ohana Organics, you could also use Aquaphor to moisturize your tattoo during the healing process. 

Please be sure to keep your tattoo out of the sun, sunscreen is NOT sufficient protection for a fresh tattoo, and if it is damaged by the sun during the healing process, it will have lasting effects on the tattoo.