Tattoo Artist

Jose Morales

Meet Jose, a dedicated tattoo artist who approaches each canvas with a blend of meticulous care and boundless creativity. With an unyielding passion for art that predates his journey into the world of tattooing, Jose intertwines his artistic prowess with a deep consideration for his clients’ desires. His ingenuity knows no bounds, as he constantly explores novel techniques and pushes the boundaries of color theory, resulting in astonishingly vibrant and captivating tattoos that demand attention. From intricate anime designs to the delicate realism of floral motifs, from traditional Japanese inspirations to nods to pop culture phenomena, and even heartwarming pet portraits, Jose’s portfolio encapsulates an array of styles as diverse as his clients.

Proud owner of

Ronin Tattoo Gallery

In 2020, Jose Morales turned his passion into a reality by founding Ronin Ink, a one-of-a-kind tattoo studio that marries his artistic talents with his deep appreciation for anime. With an unwavering commitment to his craft and a profound connection to the world of Japanese animation, Jose’s shop offers a unique haven for both tattoo enthusiasts and anime lovers. The name “Ronin” holds a twofold significance, as it not only embodies the studio’s specialization but also pays homage to the rich cultural context of the term in Japanese history. In Japanese tradition, a “ronin” refers to a masterless samurai, a warrior who roamed free, guided by their own principles and wandering spirit. Just like these warriors, Ronin Ink stands as a symbol of individuality, creativity, and unbound artistic expression. Jose Morales and his team of talented artists at Ronin Ink channel the essence of both the anime world and the noble spirit of the ronin, crafting tattoos that weave personal stories onto the canvas of human skin while embracing the ethos of fearless exploration and boundless imagination.