Cheeseburger Champion

Jose Morales

Downtown Los Angeles


Jose approaches each tattoo with care and consideration. He is constantly trying new techniques and pushing the limits of color theory to create unique, eye popping pieces that stand out on any area of the body they are placed on. He has always been passionate about art, even before he became a tattooer, and likes to design tattoos with the client in mind, as well as his own distinctive style. He loves to do many types of tattoos, from anime to floral realism pieces, traditional Japanese, pop culture, and pet portraits.

Upcoming events and other info


Exciting news! Jose is looking to do a collaboration with the talented Derick Shaulis. They are looking for a client to do the collaboration on, and will be reviewing inquiries over the next few weeks. If you are interested, please contact either Derick or Jose for more information and details about what they are hoping to do.

Paintings by Jose Morales